Island Open Tournaments Logo

The Island Open Tournaments logo.

The Island Open Tournaments are a set of tennis competitions held at an offshore island near the Royal Tennis Academy. They decide who is the champion out of the four schools who compete there- Industrial, Empire, Factory, and then Academy (the player's school). The atmosphere of the tourneys is very glorious and luxurious, with nice restaurants to visit, fancy cabins, and then a huge stadium where the finals are held.

Many players at the Academy wish to compete the Island Open, but Clay/Ace, along with the runners up, Elroy and Tori are the representatives of the school. Some of the students go on the fan bus to cheer them on, including Paula and other ones.



Island Open Tournaments

Clay beating Willy in the bracket and winning the Singles Tournament.

The player gets to travel to the Tournament when he successfully reaches at least Rank 2 on varsity level. If he gets to Rank 1, the player, Elroy and Whisker go to the Island Open Singles. There are 12 challengers, 3 from each school. Beginning Matches, Quarterfinals, and Semifinals are held on outside courts on the outskirts of the main stadium. Although a few people come to watch these, it is nothing compared to the huge crowd gathered for the Final Match... after each game, the player can either rest or head on to the next one.

After the players gets the championship point, the award ceremony is held, where they get their trophy. It is later displayed at the office trophy room, next to other past trophies.

After beating this tourney and returning to the cabin, Clay/Ace will receive a special visit from the masked players...


Insland Open Doubles Champs!!!

Clay and Ace winning the Doubles Tournament!!!

It is basically the same with Doubles; Clay and Ace head off to compete on the less valued courts, and, after they get the championship point, they receive their trophy. Ther are once again a few bis, but the player doesn't get any...

Mario and his friends will now also be open to play in the Peach Tournaments Doubles Competition as well.